Hidden Treasure of Bön

In 2008, an international team of climbers and other experts set out to salvage a cache of Tibetan manuscripts from a cave in the highlands of Nepal’s Mustang District. To help them with the task of identifying the texts, they invited Geshe Gelek Jinpa, a scholar-monk of the Tibetan Bön religion. After sifting through the texts, Geshe Gelek took the opportunity to visit other sites of significance to the Bön religion in the region: ruins of settlements, caves that had housed long-gone meditators, and more recent temples fallen into disuse and disrepair. But in the course of his journey Gelek finds that Bön is more than just a fading memory: in the village of Lubrak and in the households of several other settlements, the religion has maintained a vibrant presence, as witnessed by the staunch commitment of its followers and their spectacular ceremonies. With sensitive camerawork and editing by Kemi Tsewang, himself a native of Lubrak, and an informative commentary by Carol and Dimitry Ermakov that adopts an ‘insider’s’ perspective, this film offers a precious insight into the rich historical heritage and the living tradition of Bön in the Nepal-Tibet borderlands. Please click here to read more about the film or to download a high-quality viewing copy from our institutional repository at DSpace.

This hour-long film was produced by Triten Norbutse Monastery & Bon Buddhist Federation. Narration: Carol Ermakov; Script: Carol & Dmitry Ermakov; Cinematography: Kemi Tsewang, Geshe Gelek Jinpa, Renan; Research and Direction: Gelek Jinpa, Kemi Tsewang; Editor: Kemi Tsewang; Music by: Deuter, Kamal & Anuhama, Tenzin Lodoe, Evolution, VA, Shpongle, Native American flute. Digital Himalaya is delighted to be able to host this film.

Please click on the image below to play the film (297 MB).

Hidden Treasure