Reng Patangko Thangmi songs

With support from the National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities (NFDIN), the Nepal Thami Society (NTS) has produced a cassette of eight Thangmi songs. Digital Himalaya is delighted to be the online home of this important audio collection. Recorded in 2007, the lyrics were composed by Singh Bahadur Thami, Devendra Thami and Lok Bahadur Thami. The musical coordinator was Balram Samal, the recordist was Subarna Shrestha and the songs were recorded at Nishad Digital Studio, Anamnagar, Kathmandu.

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Track # Title Time Description
01Introduction to the Recording1.57
02Bharaina Bharaina7.55Devendra Dungsupere, Lok Bahadur Dungsupere
03Om Sewa Mumtole6.14Bakhan Singh Roimidati, Anurag Dungsupere
04Indra Kamal8.55Lila Roimidati, Devendra Dungsupere, Lok Bahadur Dungsupere
05Chinchinnga Phin Phin6.03Lila Roimidati, Lok Bahadur Dungsupere
06Sewa Sewa5.03Devendra Dungsupere, Lok Bahadur Dungsupere, Bakhan Singh Roimidati, Anurag Dungsupere, Lila Roimidati
07Sailung Swariko6.56Prakash Thoro
08Chatiwan Sengko7.39Devendra Dungsupere
09Siusiu Hangko Rangnga6.07Devendra Dungsupere