The Way of the Road

The Way of the Road is a film about a road which is being built to the Tibetan border to help relieve poverty in Nepal’s northern districts. The film journeys through the Tamang communities who will be most affected, to hear their reflections on whether the road will benefit them. It is a turning point for these communities, who have occupied a land of crossovers - in trade, in religion and languages on the border zone between south and central Asia. The Tamang speak of mythological travellers, perform dances of warring armies, and discuss uncertain livelihoods, as these people of the border now face the momentum of globalisation with some scepticism.

The film combines the knowledge of the Tamang language and communities gained over twenty years by anthropologist Ben Campbell (Durham University), and the camera work, and remote filming experience of his brother Cosmo. The film was made possible by the Frederick Williamson Memorial Fund at the University of Cambridge and Canon Europe and was screened at the Film South Asia festival on 17 September, 2009. Please email Cosmo Campbell for further information on viewing and purchasing the film.

Please click on the image below to play a trailer of the film (78 MB).