Wutu Collection

The wutu ritual is an exorcism ritual held during winter by the Monguor (Tu) people of Gnyan thog Village (Tongren County, Huangnan Prefecture, Qinghai Province, China). These eighteen short films, shot by Zhu Yonzhong in 1996 and edited by Gerald Roche, show the ritual process step-by-step. For a detailed account of the ritual, click here to read an article by Kalsang Norbu, Zhu and Stuart.


The Shrine


Shrine interior

Undressing, Applying Ash

Painting the Wutu

More Wutu Preparations at the Shrine

Preparing Lhaba

First Exit of Shrine

Respecting Seities Inside the Shrine

Exiting the Shrine and Running to the Village

Wutu on the Roofs

Wutu in House

Climbing Walls and on Roofs

In the Streets

At the Gate and to the River

At the River

Returning to the Village