Len yi Tibetan Village

Sonan Jetsun (Bsod nams rgyal mtshan) filmed this material 12-22 January 2008 in Len yi (Lianyi) Village, Sgong po (Gongbo) Township, Sde rong (Derong) County, Dkar mdzes (Ganzi) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Si khron (Sichuan) Province, PR China. The film features the Tibetan New Year, Bkra shis Temple, and ordinary people's lives in Len yi Village. Sonan Jetsun also edited the material and plans to give it to Len yi villagers on DVD/ VCD.

Lianyi Village is 200 kilometers southwest of Sde rong County Town, 550 kilometers from Dar rtse mdo (Kangding) City (the capital of Dkar mdzes Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture). The village has eighty households (560 Tibetans). Each family has an average of seven members, representing three generations. Most villagers were born after 1953. Villagers are agro-pastoralists, followers of the Dge lugs pa (Yellow Sect) of Tibetan Buddhism, and speak a distinctive Tibetan dialect.

There are three segments to this film. Please click on one of the images below to play the film.

Len yi Tibetan VillageLen yi Tibetan VillageLen yi Tibetan Village