Rice: Growing

Rice Production

In the series of film clips presented here, we follow Dil Maya Gurung through the entire rice production process. Each of the four sections contains between two and six film clips, which followed in order take you from planting to harvesting to eating the final product. The footage in these clips was filmed by Alan Macfarlane and Judith Pettigrew in the village of Thak between 1990-2001. The footage filmed in 1990 and 1991 was recorded on Video 8, that dating from between 1992-1997 was filmed on Hi8 tape, the footage from 1999 was recorded on a 1-chip MiniDV camera, and the footage from 2000 and the interview with Alan Macfarlane was recorded on a 3-chip MiniDV camera.

Overview and Planting



Final Product

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